Congestion at US ports is also impacting the East coast ports.

Port congestion at Los Angeles and Long Beach has now been overtaken with more vessels waiting longer at New York and Houston ports as the congestion seems to have shifted eastwards according to recent reports. 

West coast ports were in the news last year for record levels of vessels waiting for a berth but studies now show that the congestion has migrated eastwards. West coast ports are still suffering from congestion but waiting times have come down since January. Last month saw Houston port and New York Port have as many vessels waiting for a berth as Los Angeles and Long Beach combined. Savannah meanwhile had approximately 42 vessels waiting for a berth which is 6 times the amount of vessels the port can accommodate, this is resulting in a 14-day wait for a berth. This worrying trend is expected to continue across more ports in the not-so-distant future putting even more strain on the US port system. 

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